Our beer selection showcases a wide range of house brewed ales and lagers with seasonal and specialty beer that changes often. We compliment them with other local, unique, and hard to find brews.

Just Tapped

Wind Knot

This dark lager contains extra hops and an atypical grain bill producing a complex, yet clean flavor separating this brew from its Schwarzbier inspiration.

Commonly On Tap

This is a rotating selection of our regular beers. Beers on tap are denoted by asterisks.


Pale Ale

6%% ABV | 40 IBU

full bodied  Hop Crisp  Rolled Oats 

This Oatmeal Pale Ale has citrus and hop aromas. Full-bodied, smooth, with a nice clean finish.

*Greenbush Pale Ale*

American Pale Ale

5% ABV | 34 IBU

mellow  citrus  floral 

Named for the neighborhood where RBCo is located which has a long Italian and German tradition of producing alcohol, though not always legally. This American Pale Ale presents a full but approachable hop flavor.

*Balanced Rock Rye*


7% ABV | 55 IBU

hoppy  earthy  slightly spicy  full bodied 

Like its namesake rock formation at Devil's Lake State Park suggests, perfectly balanced. A healthy hopping of three American hop varieties are balanced by a strong malt foundation and 30% rye.

*Mosquito Bite*


6.5% ABV | 65 IBU

full-bodied  bitter finish  complex hop character 

Our IPA showcases a rich flavor with a strong hoppy bite from both American and imported hop varieties encased in an amber ale.

*Lost Ridge*

Belgian American Brown Ale

6.7% ABV | 35 IBU

smooth  caramel  Nutty  Belgian Finish 

This Belgian-American brown ale slowly reveals layers of flavor with the subtle sweet flavor of caramel and hazelnuts. Smooth drinking with a unique Belgian finish.


Coffee Porter

5% ABV | 26 IBU

mellow  roasty  dry finish 

A coffee porter, four malt varieties create a robust base for this porter. Moderately hopped and made with fresh pressed coffee brewing up robust flavors with a dry finish.

*Grandpa's Lager*

Pre-Prohibition Lager

5% ABV | 35 IBU

rustic  grainy  smooth 

Brewed the way things used to be. Rustic. Incorporating classic American hops and a touch of corn.

Shot Rock

Scotch Ale

8% ABV | 27 IBU

full-bodied  warming  malty  hint of smoke 

A traditionally styled Scotch ale, full bodies, with complex toasty and caramel notes, and a slightly smoky flavor.


Blonde Ale

4.5% ABV | 24 IBU

slightly fruity  light bodied  bright 

This session blonde offers up lighter body and is moderately hopped. European hops and a Belgian yeast round out a Belgian-style flavor profile.


Farmhouse Ale

5.5% ABV | 28 IBU

wheaty  fruity-citrus  slightly spicy 

A part-wheat refreshing farmhouse ale brewed with orange peel and coriander.

Coal Seam

Dry Stout

6% ABV | 31 IBU

roasty  hint of smoke  dry finish 

A dry Irish stout with an added hint of smoke flavor from cherry wood smoked malt.

Occasionals + Seasonals


Double IPA

9.2%% ABV | 75 IBU

Piney  Resinous  Pineapple aroma 

This complex beer is a hoppy malt monster. Sweet and rich at first with a lingering bitterness that floats around your palate.


Cranberry Saison

6.7%% ABV | 30 IBU

dry finish  Slightly tart  Hint of fruit 

This Belgian styled Fall seasonal beer has the light fruity flavor imparted from the Belgian yeast tangled with a crisp tart finish from the cranberries.


Nitro Smoked Porter

5.5% ABV | 25 IBU

toasty  malty  hint of smoke 

This Smoked Porter is served on our Nitro line giving it a smooth and creamy mouth feel.

*Wind Knot*


5.8% ABV | 35 IBU

smooth  malty 

Spring Seasonal. This dark lager contains extra hops and an atypical grain bill producing a complex, yet clean flavor separating this brew from its Schwarzbier inspiration.

Midnight Harvest

Belgian Dark Strong

9% ABV | 31 IBU

warming  roasty  malty 

Fall Seasonal. Celebrate the richness of the harvest season with this complex dark ale which incorporates four grain types - barley, rye, wheat and oats - fermented with a Belgian yeast. Perfect for helping you warm up from the inside.

Less Than 20

Light Lager

4.5% ABV | 19 IBU

light bodied  refreshing  bright 

Summer Seasonal. The lightest beer we make. Lightly hopped and low in alcohol. Perfect for tar mopping the roof of a prison license plate factory.

Smoked Hop Pale Ale

Smoked Hop Ale

5.5% ABV | 30 IBU

smokey  slightly astringent 

Fall Seasonal. Each fall, during the hop harvest season, we wood smoke hops fresh from the vine and incorporate them into a specialty brew. Each release may feature different hops smoked over different woods.

Petrified Wood

Our barrel- and wood-aged series, these boozy beers are full-flavored and strong-willed.

Siberian Tar Sands

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

11% ABV | 65 IBU

bold  roasty  chocolate 

A robust and roasty stout aged in whiskey barrels, producing complex, yet smooth flavors, including whiskey notes and hints of stone fruits.

*Thunder Lizard*

Oak-Aged Belgian Dark Strong

10% ABV | 35 IBU

stone fruit  slightly-oaky  complex 

A rich dark strong ale brewed with a Belgian yeast imparting complex flavors of stone fruit and raisin, then aged on toasted french oak adding rich complexity and toasty notes.

Never Say Never

Sour Whiskey Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

8% ABV | 20 IBU

Tart  malty 

We barrel aged our Shot Rock Scotch Ale in Whiskey barrels and ended up with an unexpected but pleasant surprise.